Wounds Deeper Than Bruises: An Open Letter From An Emotionally Abused Wife, by Jessica

Last week on the blog we talked about covert emotional abuse, what it is, how it
manifests and how confusing it can be. This week, we want to share a story from
Jessica, a covert emotional abuse survivor. Her story contains a litany of covert
emotional abuse behaviors by her husband. Jessica’s story might help you recognize
and identify abusive behaviors in your own relationships or in relationships of loved
ones. We will let her words speak for themselves, but if you have any questions
about what you read, please comment or contact The M3ND Project for support.

Could You Be In An Abusive Relationship and Not Know It?

When most women think about “intimate partner violence” typically bruises or broken bones come to mind, but abuse is not always that black and white.  In fact, the gray area of abuse can go undetected for months, sometimes even years or decades because it’s hard to pinpoint or describe.  It’s called “covert emotional abuse.”  These are the hard to name, hidden, manipulative tactics sometimes rooted in motive to harm, sometimes rooted in defensiveness in order to avoid responsibility. Prolonged abuse of this nature causes emotional and psychological harm, trauma and physical illness.  In fact it is considered one of the most destructive forms of abuse.