Clarity is the first step towards healing. We educate victims of abuse, especially on the hidden forms by naming and defining abusive behaviors. We expose cultural blind spots that collude with and support Primary Abuse.


We develop protocols for first responders teaching ways to interface with both victims and perpetrators to prevent Double Abuse® while promoting clarity, empowerment, accountability and restoration.


We develop and implement curriculum to equip churches, NGO’s, therapists, universities, and other first responders in this effort. Learn about our current partners.

We take our inspiration from the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which literally means GOLDEN REPAIR. When a piece of pottery breaks, artisans repair the cracks with precious metals, like gold, making the ordinary piece of pottery even more valuable and beautiful than before. Like the Kintsugi artist, The MEND Project seeks to bring about healing in the repair processes for survivors of Primary and Double Abuse®, resulting in a restored and beautiful creation.

I’ve reached out for help and no one WILL believe me. I look like the crazy one.

It is probably the most painful position to find yourself in and one that needs immediate and safe corrective attention. The response you’ve received has made it more difficult to heal.


My significant other does not treat me kindly.

We believe that clarity is the first step to healing. Before you can work on your relationship, it is important to identify the patterns you are experiencing.


Someone I know is in a relationship impacted by abuse, what should I do?

We understand that this can be an overwhelming and complex issue. Your friend or family member is in a vulnerable position and should be approached with compassion.


I  think my couples therapy is making things worse.

If you determine that you may be in an abusive relationship here is some information as to why your couple’s therapy may be making your situation worse.


I’m A Pastor/Spiritual advisor and need tools to counsel victims of abuse.

We affirm you for seeking help.  We encourage every spiritual leader to read the pages on this website, especially so that you understand both the concept and the ramifications of double abuse®.


Should I stay or should I go? And Should I reunite?

Deciding whether to separate or remain in a relationship can be full of bewilderment, confusion, and wrenching guilt.