A woman experiencing what is institutional abuse.

What is Institutional Abuse?

To some, it may seem implausible that an “institution” or “organization” can abuse people, but it can. Let’s see what abuse looks like in institutional settings, its effects on victims and their loved ones, and how to recognize, prevent, and heal from it.  WHAT IS INSTITUTIONAL ABUSE AND WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF IT?…

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A Couple Fighting due to what people miss about reactive abuse

What Most Miss About Reactive Abuse

Discerning the experiences and stories of two people can be tricky and confusing. This is especially true when a long history of abuse is involved and the victim’s internal defense mechanisms are triggered by recurring abusive attacks. Both people act in ways that could be considered violent and abusive to an outsider.  This may make…

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A Story of Healing by Lyn

Lyn’s story demonstrates beautifully the path from victim to survivor to heroine. Please know that it is not always easy to hear about the abuse someone endured for years. We hope that in the reading you will learn and understand more about abuse and double abuse, and that compassion will arise within you. If you…

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Choosing Light

It can be hard sometimes to feel as if you will ever be “back to normal”. The idea of celebrating life or experiencing joy might be far-removed from where you are right now. Here at The M3ND Project, we firmly believe that everyone can find healing and wellness; even if it takes some time. We…

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