A little Self-Love and Care

How to Love Yourself After Abuse

Many of us struggle to practice self-love, but it can be especially challenging for abuse survivors to master. Individuals who have gone through any abuse, whether sexual, emotional or spiritual, were told by their abuser in either spoken or unspoken terms that they were not loved. Sometimes it’s during the secondary layer of abuse (Double…

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Girl Sitting Contemplating The Pillars

The Pillars of Abuse

The M3ND Project works to identify and educate on the many faulty cultural and personal structures that make abusive action or inaction possible, especially those that often go unseen, are unnoticed or unknown. To further understand these intricate nuances of abuse, M3ND founder and CEO, Annette Oltmans, conducted extensive research, including interviewing hundreds of victims…

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Sitting on the Steps

The Subtle Abuse That Invalidates Victims: Minimization

Are you or have you ever been in a relationship with someone who always dismisses, ignores, or downplays your thoughts, feelings and experiences? Abusive minimization is the belittling of the victim’s perspective with the intention to make what the victim values unimportant, thereby killing their confidence, creativity and individuality.(1) An article from Psychology Today defines this…

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Crossing Our Fingers is Still a Lie

Is Lying Abuse?

Make no mistake: lying is a type of abuse. We all lie sometimes, don’t we? So when is it abusive? Lying is one of the most common tactics an abuser uses to gain power and control over their victim. Lying confuses the victim’s reality while helping the liar to shirk from their responsibility in the…

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Looking a Herself in a Mirror

How to Spot a Narcissist

Understanding how narcissists think and behave is critical when discussing covert emotional abuse because their self-obsession often leads them to harm others. Knowing more can help you identify the abuse you are seeing or experiencing.  Like with most things in life, there is a spectrum of narcissism. We all have narcissistic traits. It’s not a…

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