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When Abuse Creates a Maze of Confusion

It’s often said that “clarifying the issues” is key to resolving healthy conflict. If mature, communication is critical to a good relationship, then constantly confusing conversations without resolve is the catalyst to an unhealthy one. When a person regularly uses stonewalling to avoid authentic communication, it often causes confusion and obstructs meaningful communication and connection.…

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When Institutions Spiritually Abuse

Last week on the blog, we described ways in which some individuals spiritually abuse their partners. But spiritual abuse is not simply an issue between couples— institutional spiritual abuse can occur within any faith-based or religious organization. It can happen at the hands of leaders of organizations or within their congregation between members of community…

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Is Your Partner Spiritually Abusive?

Religious and spiritual leaders when well trained can offer valuable support to victims. Spiritual leaders and authority figures can also inadvertently or intentionally wield spiritual abuse. We are going to talk about institutional spiritual abuse in our next blog. This week however we will address how spiritual abuse can also occur in relationships as a…

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Why Men Won’t Leave Their Abuser

We hear a lot about female victims of abuse, but not as much talk about male victims. But at least 1 in 7 men are victims of intimate partner violence and need quality resources to help them heal from these destructive relationships. Many misjudge how challenging it is for men to leave their abusers, just…

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How to Cultivate Lasting Love in Your Marriage

Every marriage has its own unique joys and challenges, and it rarely aligns with our expectations. Comparisons we draw from entertainment and other relationships we witness between friends and family can set us up to believe that marriage should look a specific way. While there are certain things that should be constant within a relationship…

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