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A Season of Gratitude

Gratitude. When I see her all dressed up swirling around on the top of her tippy toes — Pique turn after Pique turn — dancer’s leotard and tights, her hair in a bun, sparkles around her eyes, a brilliant smile on her face — I am grateful. No, I am overjoyed. My “little” girl is…

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Advocating on and off the playground: How to identify and prevent bullying in a child’s life.

Bullying among children and teens is a continual problem that has become more complex over time. Because of the widespread use of technology and social media, today’s kids often experience bullying well beyond the playground. Worse than the stereotypical name-calling and physical violence of bullying, cyberbullying has created a new and more accessible avenue for…

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Stop the Cycle of Abuse

With October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s critical to bring the reality of abuse determinants to the forefront of this conversation. Through this blog, The M3ND Project shares about different kinds of abuse and how we can detect and respond to each one. We seek to empower, equip and restore those impacted by…

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